Film Production

Lady Jack Entertainment and Creative Director Lindsey Marks has collaborated with various filmmakers over the years, producing and developing concepts and content meant for screen.

Check out the brand new Kickstarter launched for our newest venture “The One” created by the team who brought “The Fool” to life. We would love to welcome your support in any way you can be it backing the project directly or sharing with the masses.

The Fool is a musical story of betrayal brought to life by…
Lady Jack | Lindsey Marks of Lady Jack Entertainment, Andy Ramsey, Jason Kraynek of JACENK.NET, Stephanie Marie Schultz, James Frederick Wagner of Strobe Recording and Yokai Films with special thanks to Tierza Scaccia of MusenPet…click on the video for full crew and cast credits.

Image/Fashion short developed by Jason Kraynek of JACENK.NET in collaboration with Lindsey Marks of Lady Jack Entertainment.

Creating brief winks into worlds with imagery. We are planning on releasing two more video shorts ideas within the “Neon Black” series. Here’s the first, shot on location at The California Clipper