Star Zell Corporate Event
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Nymph Neo Burlesque
Corporate Zell Black and White Dance
Cheers Fringe Factor

Lady Jack Entertainment, and creative director Lindsey Marks, provides conceptual development and choreography for live performance events, working independently and as a collaborator with other creatives and companies.


Fringe Factor  is the resident dance company of Lady Jack Entertainment, featuring a rotating cast of the most badass dancers in the city, with vintage and contemporary dance pieces ready to book at your event or show and appearing live around Chicago and beyond.


Lady Jack has performed internationally with her unique style of classic burlesque striptease and conceptual solo and duo performance pieces. She can be booked as a solo performer, with dance company Fringe Factor, or with other local or international burlesque artists.


Lady Jack Entertainment has produced several variety shows in the city including Burlectronic, Electric Muse Cabaret and Electricitease, as well as collaborated with other other producers.


Lindsey pulls on her diverse network of dancers, circus and variety performers to create uniquely artistic and impactful entertainment whether it be greeters, ambient performers or feature acts.


In addition to her work as an actor, Lindsey collaborates as a writer and producer with film companies in the city, working on both corporate video and creative projects.